Yak socks made in Mongolia



100% Yak Wool

Hand made in Mongolia

Socially responsible, sustainable, fair-trade products brought to Mickle Macks Haberdashery by the founder of the Canada Mongolia Chamber of Commerce.

Textile engineers and manufacturers are constantly experimenting with natural as well as synthetic fibres, to introduce into the fashion industry. Some fibres, however, have been here all along, they have just not been marketed to the world and are therefore relatively unknown. Yak down is one of these fibres; it grows on the underbelly of certain breeds of yak before each winter to protect and insulate the animal from harsh winter temperatures. These yak are found in high plateaus in parts of Mongolia, mainly in the Khangai Mountains and some in the Altai Mountains. They are looked after by Nomadic herders who attend to the animals and move them to new pastures.

The unique qualities of yak down, the processes involved and why this fibre is inherently sustainable makes it a great item to add to your wardrobe.

The warmest yak wool available, ours is guaranteed to be sourced from the yaks of Mongolia in our project with the Canada Mongolia Chamber of Commerce.