Wool slipper with green flower by Hamro


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Minimal design with maximal warmth and comfort - our felt slippers are designed for both men and women. No wonder they are one of our core line. Our slippers upper are handcrafted seamlessly using felting techniques and soles are stitched for long lasting durability. These slippers are light and comfortable for indoor use and provides natural insulation to keep the feet cool in summer and warm in winter.

Handmade with 100% Wool Stitched Leather Sole
Durable and Lightweight Naturally Stain Resistant
Naturally Odor Resistant Naturally Water Repellent
Antimicrobial Properties Naturally Clean Itself

SIZING: If you find your slippers tight and snug at first don't worry. The slippers will mold to your feet in a few days as the wool has natural ability to mold and stretch out. 

CARE: Gently cleaning stains with light wet cloth and wool soap.
Vacuum to clean the dust. Sole can be clean with a suede brush.