Winchester Trilby by Christys' of London - CWF100238



The Winchester is the epitome of a great trilby. Subtle and stylish, the Winchester is completed with tipped ribbon, flat tab & Christys’ 1773 pin - a great felt hat for everyday wear.

In North America the Fedora has become a generic term for the fuller brimmed felt hat with dented crown. Whilst Trilby tends to denote its British cousin, purists sometimes draw a distinction between the two with the Fedora sporting a broader brim snapped down at the front.

The look became popular following the staging of the French play ‘Fedora’ written in 1882 for the well-known actress Sarah Bernhardt who wore this new hat style. In the early 20th Century hat took on a more masculine form, crossed the gender divide and earned a reputation as a prohibition Gangster or G-Man’s hat – a suave look with a hint of danger that helped to secure its popularity.

This is the look of the Christys’ Classic from their Oxfordshire factory.