QUACK ATTACK!! - Lemongrass Glycerin Barn



Quack Attack!!! - This hand-made glycerin bar was made with care in Canada out of luxury raw materials and essential oils known for their relaxing scent. Poured in layers around an adorable rubber ducky with 3 shades of green and rich sparkly blue, you'll be mesmerized by the bright tones in your one-of-a-kind, handmade bar of Quack Attack!!! The fun doesn't stop there...you can drop this soap and it'll pop right up out of your bath water until the day you've finally freed your rubber ducky from the confines of its miniature oasis of glycerin soap.

Glycerin soaps are wrapped in order to preserve their slick sheen because glycerin attracts moisture which fogs the soap. Great for dry skin! 



Cucumber and Aloe infused water, Tallow, Alcohol, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Sugar, Rosemary and 

Lavender essential oils, Mica

Eau infusée de concombre et d'aloès, suif, alcool, huile de ricin, huile de coco, glycérine, sucre, romarin et

Huiles essentielles de lavande, Mica


Made in Ottawa, ON, Canada

Mickle Macks Inc.

835 Bank St. Ottawa, ON