Made in Mongolia Cashmere Leg and Knee Warmers by suvd



100% Gobi Cashmere 

Hand made in Mongolia

Socially responsible, sustainable, fair-trade products brought to Mickle Macks Haberdashery by the founder of the Canada Mongolia Chamber of Commerce.

Mongolia has the coldest and longest winter season from November to February where the average temperature reaches -30 degrees Celsius and, in some places, it gets even down to -45 degrees Celsius. 

Due to this harsh habitat, goats develop protective fleece as an undercoat. When the harsh winter ends, it gets loose between the hair and to put the goats at ease, traditionally Mongolian herders hand-comb it off every spring. It helps the goats to endure the hot summer and prevents to grow external parasites under their hair as well. Longer and colder the winter is, cashmere grows finer, softer, stronger and thinner. Gobi cashmere is the warmest cashmere available, and is guaranteed to be sourced from the Gobi Goats of Mongolia in our project with the Canada Mongolia Chamber of Commerce.