Le Beret Francais PREMIUM beret -Unisex with pouch



The premium black, red, blue  beret is the basic to have in your dressing! Timeless, sober and elegant, this is the french touch you are looking for!  premium berets include: a higher weight than the classics, a satin lining, a red cabillou (or black for the red beret) and a signed pouch Le Béret Français. The  berets are 100% wool and 100% made in France, in Bayonne (64). They are unique size, the beret diameter is 28cm.Made in France 
100% Wool

The "French Blue" prenium beret is the latest colour in our catalogue.

Somewhere between black and royal blue, this deep, intense blue is the colour of our French flag. You may not have noticed, but the blue of our flag has changed recently. It is now the pre-1976 navy blue.

Our berets are 100% made in France in Bayonne (64), and 100% wool. Our wool comes from a sheep called Mérinos d'Arles, a French variety that we collect in France every year from December to June, exclusively in France, in the South, and particularly in the PACA region, around the town of Arles. We have full traceability of the wool, from producer to spinner.

Our berets are one size fits all, with the adult beret measuring 28cm.