Hard sole slip-on slippers by Garneau

By Garneau


The most practical Garneau slip-on slippers for men and women will become everyday favorites. These sheepskin slippers are perfect for at home, business travel or relaxing vacations.

  • Genuine sheepskin

  • Premium suede

  • Washable

  • Eva Outsole ($28 above the price of the slipper without the sole)
  • Made in Québec, Canada using the finest traditions

*Actual color may vary slightly from picture. Color combination is the artisan's choice. Enjoy the exclusive design!

Whatever adult style slippers you are choosing, you may want to add comfort and durability by adding an extra light rubber outsole to the bottom of your slippers. 

EVA outsole   Slippers with EVA outsole

This EVA outsole will allow you to walk outside with your slippers, in the garage or in the basement. It also brings more support to your feet. It is a very good investment.

Please consider that the EVA outsole will make your slippers feel a little more snug at first. Your slippers will mold to your feet after a week or two.

***An additional delay of 48 hours is required to produce this item.