Cedar shoe valet box with cream or polish by FootFitter


  • Cedar box is perfect for storing all of your Shoe Care Supplies
  • Includes genuine horsehair shine brushes and applicator daubers
  • Comes with a 7" Stainless Steel Shoe horn
  • Everything needed for a pro shoe shine
  • Total Items: (13) Shoe Care Tools | Made in Germany, USA, China

The FootFitter Shoe Shine Care Valet Box Set is the perfect all in one buy for anyone looking to upgrade their shining capabilities. Outfitted with the popular FootFitter Shoe Polish in Black, Brown, and Neutral as well as the most popular FootFitter brushes and accoutrements. This ultimate shoe shining set makes for a great gift for anyone looking to keep that nice pair of shoes just a little bit nicer.

FootFitter Cedar Shoe Shine Valet Box (1)
A luxurious cedar wood valet box for storing your shoe shine set with foot rest for easy polishing.

FootFitter Horsehair Shoe Shine Brush, Black and Grey-Brown (2)
Use these after applying polish, wax, or cream to prime your shoes for buffing. Can also be used to clean shoes before applying polish. Crafted with densely-packed premium horsehair bristles and German beech wood.

FootFitter Signature Shoe Shine Dauber (Large), Black and Grey-Brown (2)
Ideal for applying your favorite polish, wax, or cream. Can also be used to remove light dust and dirt. Made with premium horsehair bristles and German beechwood.

FootFitter Shoe Creams (1 Black, 1 Brown, 1 Neutral, 1 White) (4)
Restores shoe color and delivers a head-turning shine.

FootFitter Stainless Steel Shoe Horn 7" (1)
A sturdy and compact shoe horn that enables you to slip your feet into your favorite pair of shoes with ease.

FootFitter Professional 4-Way Suede and Nubuck Cleaner (1)
A do-it-all suede and nubuck cleaner with four cleaning tools.

FootFitter Ultrasoft Microfiber Shoe Shine Cloth (2)
These fibrous non-linting cloths act as an applicator and shining tool for soft waxes and creams.