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Fashion Bowler by Christys’ of London


In Britain, the bowler was first worn by the Victorian working classes but by the 1950s and 1960s it came to epitomize the “City gent” – along with a pinstripe suit and a black umbrella. When George Banks, the stern workaholic father in Mary Poppins, is sacked from his job at the bank, his bowler is ceremoniously punched in.

Today, cavalry officers still wear bowler hats and suits for their annual parade in Hyde Park on what is known as Cavalry Sunday in May – both Princes William and Harry have worn them for official purposes. The tradition stems from the fact the outfit was considered correct dress just before the First World War and officers are still expected to wear their "City gent" attire whenever they are in London on duty.

One of Britain’s most famous hat devotees, Winston Churchill is known to have favoured the Homburg, but he pulled off a bowler with aplomb. Dianne Keaton's signature look often involves a bowler! Try this classic topper with your fall wardrobe.

100% wool Fashion Bowler

Leather Sweatband

Satin lining


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