Mickle Macks

Black Jack - Activated Charcoal and Lemongrass Facial Soap


Home Made by our Shop owner right here in Ottawa, Ontario, Black Jack Facial Soap is pure detoxification power with a mix of lemon balm, orange and eucalyptus oil, this is a go-to bar for that face-mask breakout.

Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Canola Oil, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Lard, Neem Tree Oil, Castor Oil, Kaolin Clay, Lemon Balm, Orange and Eucalyptus Essential Oils, Activated Charcoal and shredded lemongrass

One dollar per bar sold will be donated to the National Capital Chapter of the Children's Wish Foundation.

ALLERGENS: Contains peanuts and tree nut products


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